BG-75 EXPRESS Cyclotron

Self-shielded • Automated • On-demand

The most accessible & affordable cancer diagnosis solution for PET imaging

Cyclotrons are a key enabler of PET (positron emission tomography) scans, a key medical imaging tool to visualize diseases such as various types of cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

BG-75 EXPRESS Cyclotron is a revolutionary cyclotron that allows medical facilities and hospitals provide on-demand tracers and medical imaging solutions.

Less Space Required

Compared to conventional cyclotron solutions, the BG-75 requires no mandatory QC Lab, which reduces build out costs.

Low Energy

BG-75 requires 50% less time (~6 hours saved) than conventional cyclotrons to “cool down” before maintenance

No Additional Shielding

No additional concrete or led shielding build-out is required due to low radiation production

Point of Care

Tracer dose available to be injected into the patient within 1 hour, not dispensed hours after production like conventional bulk production

Automated QC Testing

The only system with this feature integrated, while conventional solutions require a full QC lab and radiochemist expertise to conduct testing


Less breakage / down time, and less regulatory burden due to lower radiation and on-demand production

Lower Operating Costs

Lower operating and maintenance costs and does not require advanced technical personnel to operate

The BG-75's Fully Integrated Nuclear Medicine Laboratory

Laboratory design tailored to WHO, EU and US GMP (and cGMP) guidelines Comprehensive solution & service to support customers throughout the entire lifecycle

  • Low power: internal beam energy 7.5 MeV
  • Capable of single dose or batch production
  • No bunker required: lightweight magnet 3.5 tons
  • Simple one button operation and fast production
  • Turbo pump versus oil based diffusion pump
  • Lower regulatory burden due to less radiation exposure
  • Automated quality control with embedded
    • pH
    • Filter integrity
    • Residual volatile organics
    • Radiochemical purity
    • Radiochemical identity
    • Chemical purity
  • Minimized needs for highly specialized staff
  • Self-shielded, installed adjacent to the accelerator shield
  • Final radioactivity yield : 10-13 mCi single dose, 26-28 mCi batch dose
  • Material casing: ¼” steel
  • Shielding material: dense concrete and boronated polyethylene
  • Radiation Field Room Boundary : <1 mR /hour
  • Self-shielding for generator and chemistry minimizes exposure, eliminates the need for additional lead enclosures, and reduces facility modifications
  • Opens vertically for servicing

Global Installations

50+ units have been sold to date and more than 250,000 patient exams have already been performed with BG-75’s biomarkers

Sveta Marina University Hospital

Varna, Bulgaria

“The Biomarker Generator enabled us to produce our own supply of FDG, making our operations much more efficient and cost effective.”

Dr. Pavel Bochev, Director of Nuclear Medicine at Sveta Marina University Hospital

Unmet Demand

While early diagnosis and treatment is key to cancer patients, a signification portion of the global population have little to no access to PET imaging solutions.


New cancer cases per year

Under-equipped population 65%

In developed economies, nuclear medicine is expensive and in developing economies, the supporting infrastructure and capital is lacking.

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